The Goosecroft Centre 

The Goosecroft Centre

The refurbished centre re-opened in May 2017. The official opening was on 2nd September 2017.  Please read the Autumn 2017 Newsletter in the news section of the website which will tell you more. For an overview of some of the changes, see our "Before and After" leaflet here

Keep Safe

New Keep Safe From Scams leaflet - an easy read guide. To find out more click here


Goosecroft Centre - We are now in the process of re-starting some of the activities that take place in the Goosecroft Centre. Thank you for the replies to our questionnaire and survey. In response to these we are able to re-start the Art Group on Tuesdays and are pleased to welcome back the Internship Group on Wednesdays. 

We have not received enough replies to re-start any of the other classes but will keep this under review. Also, due to the present Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to use the kitchen for cooking activities or run the Drop-in.

If you have any questions or suggestions please get in contact by email or telephone 01609 778894

AGM - as it is not possible to hold our usual AGM, the following circular has been sent to all members and supporterts - Click here: Members and Supporters - July 2020. Please contact us if you have anything you would like to discuss.

Questionnaire - we are keen to hear from everyone who is connected with the Northallerton and the Dales Mencap Society. To this end, we have recently sent out this questionnaire - Click here: Questionnaire 2020. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Community Safety Task Group in partnership with North Yorkshire County Council has produces a guide to the safe use of pedestrian crossings. Ask for a copy of Stop Look Listen when you next visit the Goosecroft Centre.

Details about the  Advisory Group can be found here:

Look on About under  'Who We Are' for details of our Policies and Centre Guide. The full Centre User Guide can be accessed from the 'Who We Are' page. Go directly to the page, click here: Who-We-Are

Our Facebook page continues to be run by the Ipad Club. Look on Facebook under Mencap Northallerton.

If you want help with looking at the new Facebook page let us know, we will be happy to help.

Go to Useful Links or click on  Preparing for adulthood introduction.pdf   for useful Information - from there you can go to other linked information.

POSCH - Parents and Carers of Special Children - have just published a new SEND Directory packed with useful information. Copies are available at the Goosecroft Centre or you can contact them on or via their website.

For over 50 years we have been your local independent charity supporting and campaigning for people of all ages with learning disabilities, their parents and carers.